Sunday, November 2, 2014


Our friend Sarah took this great pic of us while she was visiting!
First day of work on the bus involved tearing apart the interior! We wanted to do some modifications of the layout and rip out the carpet. Man, that carpet needed to go first and foremost! I was very excited to get started. I grabbed that utility knife and started tearing out chunks of dirty carpet and carpet padding so fast Erik probably didn't even know what happened!  
Angle grinder in all its sparking glory. Removing
rusted chunks of old screws so we can pull
up the metal strips running the length of the bus.
We also dismantled the bathroom wall, detached the shelving unit, took out the bed platform, and disassembled the dinette bench and table. Then things started spiraling....the dismantling extended to the couch, and the extra partition walls, and the passenger seat, and and and..... Once we started we either kept finding stuff we weren't happy with or stuff that just needed to go. Before we knew it we had a trailer-load of debris (that later, when we took it to the dump, we found out weighed 480 lbs!).
Removing screws and dismantling the
 current bathroom wall.
Wall is down! Woohoo!
Plywood beneath black rubber.
We decided to go for it and remove
all the hard rubber from the floor.

Under the carpet and carpet padding there was black hard rubber. We debated just leaving it, but it smelled funny! A quick purchase of a floor scraper greatly aided removal. Under that rubber? Plywood. It looked like it was in decent shape, but one spot was warped.
Floor scraper to the rescue! My favorite tool so far.

By the end of the weekend we were pretty happy with our progress. Interior was gutted to our satisfaction and the plywood floor was exposed (except under some of the interior stuff we left in place, namely the sink, fridge, and stove).
End of demolition weekend 1.
Our next task is the floor! Framing, insulating, and installing subfloor.
End of demolition weekend 1.


  1. Nice! That bus looks ready to start over!

    1. Haha, yeah we pretty much gutted it. But left all the systems in place (electric, plumbing, etc)!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Den! It is certainly ambitious and very fun!