Sunday, October 26, 2014

It Begins

Exploring a Colorado ghost town with the huskies
Hi! We are Cammy and Erik, and we're building a tiny house bus.

The bus! The day we bought it.

Fact about the bus:
Acquired October 10th, 2014
33 feet long bumper to bumper
23 feet of living space inside (behind the driver's seat)
Originally sat 44 passengers
Diesel 7.3 engine
Allison transmission
6.5 foot ceilings (tall, for a bus!)

Kanook on the left and Kita on the right, traveling in luxury (in bus).

Facts about the huskies:
Nikita is all white and 7 years old (she goes by Kita)
Kanook is red and white and 6 years old
They are very snuggly
They shed a lot
Kanook likes to sing (he is very loud)

Erik and Cammy!

Facts about us:
Cammy is a geologist
Erik is a wildlife biologist
Cammy has climbed 18 Colorado 14ers (mountains above 14,000ft tall)
Erik plays the mandolin

The bus will be our house, and we intend to make it feel like one. It is not a hippie bus, nor an RV, it is a tiny house!

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